Hand Made Crafts

fancy-oragamyAs an educational activity, arts and crafts have traditionally been ignored and kids have pursued more academic activities .  However it is our goal to ensure that crafts make their way back into the home and the classroom – especially developmentally advantageous crafts.  These activities are so important because they help improve skills in areas like language , music, art and so much more!

Crafts have been around since prehistoric times when humans were required to make everything they wore for clothing, what they used to eat food, what they used to hunt.  Pretty much they had to make by hand everything for survival!!! Crafts began to take on value for trading and bartering as well as spiritual or artistic expression.  Then people came to use crafts to simply decorate the places they inhabited making them beautiful.

Crafts are a great activity and also server as a great educational mind builder for kids.   Crafts are not only fun but also assist with the development of children’s fine motor skills , develop concepts like color choice and harmony and also help to understand numbers and see scientific patterns emerge.

Craft are great because children can explore ideas and then express them by making something to keep, entertain others or just have plain good old fashioned fun.

Our Mission:
To bring back crafts as a way to reintroduce the arts back into the lives of our children. This site will be a blog to help give other great craft ideas to promote the skill and provide great entertainment to children of all ages.

Our Sponsors:
We would not be able to maintain this blog without donations from the following companies who have generously given to our great cause!

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